ArmA Reforger – is released

ArmA Reforger – is released

Here I have already once a little collected what I could find to the topic server
From now on, is already possible to create your own dedicated server for the Game,.

Made your Own Server, without claim the full Early-Access Title:
Install ArmA Reforger Server

-> for Campaign

"ArmaReforgerServer.exe" -config "Configs/ServerConfig/Campaign.json" -profile ArmaReforgerServer
"ArmaReforgerServer.exe" -config "Configs/ServerConfig/GM_Eden.json" -profile ArmaReforgerServer

Scenarios are:

  • {ECC61978EDCC2B5A}Missions/23_Campaign.conf
  • Missions/20_GM_Arland.conf (dont know, if it works)
  • {59AD59368755F41A}Missions/21_GM_Eden.conf
  • Missions/10_MpTest.conf (dont know, if it works)
  • {90F086877C27B6F6}Missions/99_Tutorial.conf (dont know, if it works)

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